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Make Your Launch Matter

How you launch is the difference.

You can transform your market and multiply your revenue — or waste critical time and resources.

What is the right market timing? How do you get and maintain customer excitement? How can your sales team beat an established competitor? We have your answers.

Fuel Growth Group gets results.

We help you:

  • Establish yourself as a leader of industry transformation
  • Differentiate your technology in the crowded tech market
  • Arm your sales team to drive revenue
  • Target IT as well as the New Buyer – Business Decision-Makers
  • Find new, high value opportunities and capture them
  • Align your Sales, Development and Marketing teams as a force multiplier

Make an impact with your launch

Generous Words

“Fuel Growth Group was brought in to get Acano launched. It was the momentum we needed as we transformed an industry.”

OJ Winge, CEO of Acano (acquired by Cisco)

“Fuel Growth Group helped us reposition our security product into a risk intelligence platform. It definitely worked well — we were acquired within six months.”

Carl Banzhof, CEO and Founder of iScan Online
(acquired by SolarWinds)

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“Jean’s marketing and messaging expertise were essential as we turned Tandberg into the industry leader.”

Fredrik Halvorsen, CEO of Tandberg (acquired by Cisco), Chairman of Acano (acquired by Cisco)

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“Jean was able to see my vision and align internal and external resources to move us forward.”

Steven Wallman, Founder & CEO, FOLIOfn, former SEC Chairman